Friday, July 13, 2012

'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan found in cardiac arrest and saved by girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth of 'Apprentice' fame Hospitalized After Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest Green Mile hospitalized suffers heart attack Visited Former CoStar Hospital MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN SUFFERS CARDIAC ARREST IN INTENSIVE CARE AFTER HEART ATTACK Jennifer Lopez is out Stable intensive care after Recovering from a `Green Mile's' Aka John Coffey Suffers In the ICU Following

Michael Clarke Duncan suffers heart attack Michael Clarke Duncan is in intensive care after suffering a heart attack. Michael Clarke Duncan Goes Into Cardiac Arrest 'Green Mile' actor rushed to the hospital early Friday, according to TMZ; his heart rate is now stable. Michael Clarke Duncan Has Heart Attack (ENEWS) – The actor, best known for his role in "The Green Mile," has been hospitalized. Find out about his... Michael Clarke Duncan Suffers Cardiac Arrest The 'Green Mile' actor was found by his fiancĂ©e early this morning. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized after heart attack 'The Green Mile' star, 54, suffered 'myocardial infarction' Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized after cardiac arrest The actor was hospitalized after a cardiac arrest and is now in a stable condition. Michael Clarke Duncan's Life Saved By Reality Villain Omarosa Stallworth Omarosa Stallworth is one of the most hated reality villains of all time, so how could she possibly be a heroine? It's true, the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant saved the life of Michael Clarke Duncan today, when he went into cardiac arrest. What happened and how did she save him? More after the jump! See, [...] Michael Clarke Duncan Gets Hospital Visit from Co-Star -- 'He's Lookin' Good' Michael Clarke Duncan just got a hospital visit from his former TV co-star Geoff Stults ... who tells us MCD appears to be recovering nicely after going into cardiac arrest early this morning. On his way out of the hospital, Stults -- who appeared… Michael Clarke Duncan Hospitalized 'Green Mile's' Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized in Los Angeles after heart attack Actor Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized "The Green Mile" star Michael Clarke Duncan has been hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering a heart attack.
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