Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Pilot for Daniel Tosh's New Show Is 'Mostly About Rape' [Video] Report Tosh Wants Rape Jokes to Be Removed From 'Brickleberry' DirecTV and Viacom Back Negotiations Apologizes Joke DANIEL TOSH REMOVES RAPE REFERENCES FROM NEW SERIES VENUE OWNER DEFENDS OVER JOKE APOLOGISES FOR 'SINCERELY' APOLOGIZES tries distance himself from rape controversy Louis C.K. Sends Message of Support Amid Controversy Douche.0 digs jokes proposes a female audience member be raped Comedy Central Host Should Not Tell People How Funny It Would if They Were Raped apologizes

Daniel Tosh's rape joke controversy: Club owner speaks out Phil McCarten/PictureGroup Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central's "Tosh.0," tweeted an apology after a woman who attended one of... Patton Oswalt: Daniel Tosh Criticism Can Be 'Dangerous' In the aftermath of Daniel Tosh's now-infamous Laugh Factory performance in which the Comedy Central star allegedly told an audience member that "it would be funny if [she] got raped by five guys" after she yelled at him that rape jokes aren't funny, few comics have come to Tosh's outright defense. Chez Pazienza: Daniel Tosh vs. The Age of Outrage By now you're probably well aware of the person and incident at the center of the latest episode of the long-running pop culture series, "You're Not Allowed To Say That Because It'll Make Me Cry." Daniel Tosh's New Animated Series 'Brickleberry' Ditches Bear Rape Following Controversial Remarks Daniel Tosh loves him some rape. First he left a female audience member feeling uncomfortable during a stand-up show and now it has been discovered that a bear was originally raped in the premiere episode of Tosh's new animated series Brickleberry. The animated series about a group of strange park rangers is executive produced by [...] Daniel Tosh's New Animated Series 'Brickleberry' Ditches ... Daniel Tosh: Comedy, fear and the rise of the rape joke Comedian Daniel Tosh recently performed a set at the Laugh Factory in LA, which included a prolonged set about how rape jokes are always funny. When a woman stood up and shouted "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!" Don't heckle Daniel Tosh The comedian was out of line, but why can't fans keep quiet? Also: There are totally funny rape jokes Daniel Tosh's rape joke controversy: Comedian apologizes (Poll) Daniel Tosh apologizes after joking about rape at a comedy show after somebody blogs about it, adds he was misquoted. Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Controversy Gets Weirder: Comedian Reportedly Rushing To Cut Rape Jokes From New Series While the biggest story in the politics world this past week has been about a company that allegedly made much of its money raping other companies , the biggest story in the entertainment world has been about rape itself. Or, more specifically, jokes about rape. Popular comedian Daniel Tosh set off an absolute whirlwind of controversy this week when he allegedly "joked" at a comedy show that it ... Daniel Tosh Rape Controversy: Louis CK And Many Others Have Tackled The Subject [VIDEO] The controversy surrounding Daniel Tosh's comments might be a surprise to anyone who has spent time in a comedy club. Daniel Tosh Wants Rape Jokes Taken Out of Brickleberry Pilot Daniel Tosh is trying to get as far away from his rape joke as possible. After apologizing for making a female audience member the subject of his joke about rape last Friday, the...
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