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Battle Royale Between DirecTV Viacom Dish and AMC Pushes TV Closer to Irrelevancy 7 Career Lessons From Breaking Bad's Walter White Get Up Speed on Bad in Just 10 Minutes with This Helpful Video Recap [Recap] Web Design Manifesto 2012 Refuses Take Squabble Network Out Customers Lets Them Stream Premiere Online for Free [Good Ideas] Police Send SWAT Team Break Into Wrong House May Hit the Big Screen After Season 5 Finale Drops Before 'Breaking Bad' San Diego ComicCon Friday Schedule Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston Premiere! of Selected Panels at ComicCon! 'GQ' August Feature! BREAKING BAD SEASON TO GET DARK REAL Hollywood The RIAA Won't Let Tech Save MICHAEL JACKSON SPIKE LEE'S DOCUMENTARY 'BAD' IN POSTPRODUCTION Debuts Most Watched Episode! Week's Singles 02/07/12 Dirty Projectors TEMPA T Field Music Scuba Rudi Zygadlo Finance Choices Lunchtime Poll Did Satisfy [Video]

'Breaking Bad' Season 5 premiere is most watched episode to date For four seasons, Walter White has climbed to the top of the drug world and for "Breaking Bad's" final season, he's at the top of his game and at the top of the ratings. The fifth season premiere of the AMC series grabbed the show's biggest audience to date, with 2.9 million viewers. 'Breaking Bad': Creating Magnetic Attraction For the fifth-season premiere of AMC's "Breaking Bad," a criminal caper required a lot of resourcefulness, if not necessarily scientific accuracy, by production designers. The Magnetic Return of 'Breaking Bad' Last night was the premiere of the first half of Breaking Bad's final season. Anticipation ran high among the show's devoted fanbase, ourselves included, so how did the episode measure up? Pretty well! It was an exciting, appropriately grim hour, one that almost approached silliness in parts, though they got away with it with the show's signature mordant humor. Breaking Bad: How Big Was It? And Did the AMC-Dish Feud Hurt? Doomed or not, Walter White is a survivor. Breaking Bad's fifth, and final, season premiere was unbroken Sunday by a dispute between its network, AMC, and the satellite service Dish... Breaking Bad Watch: Mag-neato The first time we saw Walter White, he was turning fifty, having breakfast with his family, "50″ spelled out in veggie bacon. ("This smells like Band-Aids" –Walter Jr.) The first time we see Walter White in Breaking Bad's final season, he's turning 52, spelling out his age himself in real bacon–a bout of cancer and [...] TV Review: 'Breaking Bad': Ken Tucker's take The fifth season premiere of Breaking Bad, titled "Live Free or Die" and written by show creator Vince Gilligan, was satisfying and tense and funny and witty and ruminative. Plus, magnets! Among other things, the opening hour was a caper film as good as any you can see at the movies. Your Favorite Politicos 'Breaking Bad' With its epically interwoven morality tales and cast of shady operators, AMC's "Breaking Bad" is a natural mirror for the power-struggle politics of this election year. So with the show's long-awaited fifth season finally underway, we've matched up some of the campaign's best known political players... Breaking Bad Premiere: Top Five Moments It's a meth, meth world on Breaking Bad. After months and months of almost unbearable waiting, Breaking Bad's fifth season premiered Sunday night, and it definitely didn't... 'Breaking Bad': No rest for wicked Walter Many of us " Breaking Bad " devotees stupidly shared Walter White's newly discovered hubris. After Gus Fring's explosive, um, "half-off event" at the end of last season, I too believed that the show, which returned Sunday night on AMC for its penultimate eight episodes, would afford Walter ( Bryan Cranston ) at least a partial victory lap. Read full article >> Breaking Bad: Walt's the New King, But For How Long? Breaking Bad: Walt's the New King, But For How Long? Seattle Post-Intelligencer Copyright 2012 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Published 01:15 p.m., Saturday, July 14, 2012 The AMC drama's Season 4 finale saw Walt (Bryan Cranston) - the one-time cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who began ...
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