Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yahoo Pins Dream on Marissa Mayer New CEO Is Pregnant. Does It Matter Named Yahoo! Most Powerful Woman In Tech Surprise Google's Yahoo's 5 Differences Between Tim Armstrong at AOL and Announcing You're Pregnant Work Follow Mayer's Playbook No Women Sorry But You Cannot Have All Chief On Why Lost Its Place Fortune 500 CEOs hits a record 19 the next iPhone will Can Turn Around Will Sink or Swim new reignites working mother debate Plenty of challenges greet Daily Report Google Executive to Lead Summary Box posts another hohum quarter top 3 as After hiring says profit dropped 4.4%

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO's Pregnancy Reignites A Perennial Debate NEW YORK — "Another piece of good news today," tweeted the expectant mom, announcing to her online followers that she and her husband are awaiting a baby boy. Marissa Mayer: Yahoo's new CEO reignites working mother debate Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's new CEO, starts the position during the sixth month of her pregnancy. Her announcement reignited the debate around working mothers and if they can 'have it all.' Marissa Mayer, pregnant and Yahoo CEO: can women have it all? "Another piece of good news today," tweeted the expectant mom, announcing to her online followers that she and her husband are awaiting a baby boy. But this wasn't just any excited mom-to-be. This ... Marissa Mayer might achieve greater things in her career, just not at Yahoo If Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing, Newsroom) wrote the story of Yahoo and he got to Marissa Mayer's surprise entrance as Yahoo's latest CEO, here's how he would probably play it: the brilliant, tough, beautiful, charismatic engineer defies her Google glass ceiling and, through sheer vision and clever example, saves the pioneering Internet company. That's how Sorkin would play it ... Is Marissa Mayer 'having it all'? In the most public of ways, Marissa Mayer has just upended the longtime thinking on work and pregnancy. Immediately after Yahoo announced that the Google executive would take over as CEO, Mayer announced she was pregnant . Read full article >> Marissa Mayer's top 3 challenges as Yahoo CEO Yahoo Inc.'s new CEO arrives as the company reported lackluster financial results for its second quarter. Will Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo or Run It Into the Ground? This is only her first day on the job as CEO of Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO), but Marissa Mayer is already being criticized as an unusual hire with "no real leadership experience." Marissa Mayer is pregnant -- and so what? In hiring new CEO, Yahoo board shrugged off persistent doubts about women juggling motherhood and work Marissa Mayer: What Has the New Yahoo CEO Gotten Herself Into? Marissa Mayer's ascendance to the CEO post at Yahoo may look smart for the company. But is it good for her? In taking up the CEO post at troubled Yahoo, has Marissa Mayer just thrown herself off of a glass cliff? The phrase 'glass cliff' was coined by psychology academics Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam. Instead of focusing on why it's so hard for women to get to the top, these two academics ... After hiring Marissa Mayer as CEO, Yahoo says profit dropped 4.4% On Marissa Mayer's first day as CEO, Yahoo announced its second-quarter earnings, reporting a 4.4% decline in profit compared with the same period last year.
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