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Chris Hemsworth 'GQ' July Feature! Kate Upton Covers 2012 Shows Too Much Benjamin Walker Does 'Weird Interpretations' of U.S. Presidents I Know Why Men Like Me Bikini Outtake! Milan Fashion Week BBQ! Teaches TMZ a Lesson! KATE UPTON MAKEOVER RENDERS HER UNRECOGNIZABLE! KICKED OFF SANTA MONICA PIER FOR BARING BOOBS Chic Clicks Ed Westick Makes His Catwalk Debut Marghertia Missoni Ties the Knot ROCKS THE 'CAT DADDY' ON JIMMY FALLON And Justin Verlander Get Their Own Billy Joel Parody Song... Report & Tiger's Pitcher Are An Item! in Vogue Spain The Dugout Doctors Dating Net’s Best Becky Flaunts Her Puppets For GQ In These Glorious Outtakes Upton’s Cover Shoot Extras and dating How Stars Celebrated Fourth

Kate Upton Underage Drinking Denied Kate Upton sucking down an ice cold beer at a baseball game might be every man's fantasy -- but the 20-year-old supermodel says she was NOT boozing illegally 'Skinny' Blogger Calls Kate Upton Fat 'Piggie' Kate Upton is known for her lush figure, but a blogger who acknowledges preferring the "skinny aesthetic" has likened the curvy swimsuit model to a cow and a pig. In a June 10 post on the website "Skinny Gurl," the unnamed female blogger wrote: "Did... Kate Upton and Justin Verlander? Suddenly everything makes sense Kate Upton may have found herself a new man. That's good news for many people -- the new man (obviously), as well as fans of the New York Jets and whichever National League team ends up playing in the World Series. Let's Not Congratulate Ourselves on Applauding Kate Upton's 'Healthy' Figure The thinspo community is being really, really mean to poor, gorgeous model Kate Upton—the obsessively, unhealthily skinny (or at least those who worship that look) have dubbed the 20-year-old, among other things, "a squishy brick" with "big fat floppy boobs." Wow, lady hate is harsh. Amy Odell of Buzzfeed Shift has come to the defense of Upton, however, writing a post titled "In Praise of Kate ... Kate Upton Back For GQ's August Issue Kate Upton is set to make a rapid return to GQ magazine, even though the 20-year-old was the magazine's cover star … oh, last month. I can only guess July's GQ produced roof-smashing sales, because pictures left over from the July shoot are to be used in the August edition. Such a practice is not [...] Kate Upton Back For GQ's August Issue is a post from: The Inquisitr Kate Upton deemed 'lardy' by 'pro-skinny' site Swimsuit model Kate Upton was deemed 'lardy' and 'well-marbled' by pro-anorexia site, now under fire from rabid fans. 'Skinny' Blogger Calls Kate Upton 'Piggie' and 'Cow' Model Kate Upton's curvy figure came under attack recently when a "Skinny Gurl" attacked the runway favorite, calling her a "piggie" and "cow" in a nasty blog post. Kate Upton: Is She Jinxing Justin Verlander? Kate Upton is everywhere. It seems I can't go a day without either seeing a new scandalous photo shoot or hearing about a new viral video starring the jiggly swimsuit model. She's taken the world by storm, and it seems … Kate Upton, Justin Verlander Dating Rumors Suggest Detroit Tiger, SI Model An Item In the latest round celebrity dating rumors, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is reportedly romancing Detroit Tigers pitching ace Justin Verlander. According to Detroit Free Press, the high-profile duo were spotted together recently at an Aerosmith concert joined by Kate's gal pal, model Lizzy Glynn, and Justin's bud Frank Viola, Jr., son of Minnesota [...] Kate Upton, Justin ... Kate Upton vs. Paulina Gretzky: Which Model is Hotter? [PHOTOS] Both Kate Upton and Paulina Gretzky have become internet sensations with their photos and videos, but which woman is hotter?
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