Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video Blake Griffin's monster slam Lakers blow lead but hold off Clippers rally Final 113 108 Photos Griffin visits Sesame Street 105 Jazz 96 It's unanimous Kansas' Robinson heads AllAmerica squad leads the pack Comment on Nuggets falter again as Kevin Loveled Minnesota wins big Thunder 114 91 III impressive at Baylor's pro day Citizens initial few long time in aftermath of football are definitely wors Paul past Pistons OT over Rockets 9591 Williams Bledsoe Hawks 9682 claim there is no rivalry with Randy Foye to sixth win a row appear have righted ship extend winning streak 10386 victory Suns defeat Hornets 9785

Clippers' Blake Griffin gets big play, Lakers' Pau Gasol gets big win Griffin's powerful one-handed dunk in third quarter left Gasol dazed and now on list of opponents on highlight reels, but Gasol's determination was a key factor in Lakers' 113-108 victory Wednesday. The moment Clippers forward Blake Griffin leaped into the air, Lakers forward Pau Gasol became nothing more than a prop. Pau Gasol is Blake Griffin's most recent victim Pau Gasol saw Blake Griffin begin to elevate from outside of the key. Then the details became a bit blurry. The next thing he knew, a forearm was clobbering his face, a freight train knocking him off his feet. Blake Griffin makes Pau Gasol a prop in his latest highlights (Video) Everyone knows Los Angeles Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin is a spectacular finisher at the rim. But many of Griffin's most emphatic dunks have victimized an opposing big man. Timofey Mozgov , Kendrick Perkins and many others can attest. Read full article >> Video: Blake Griffin dunked all over Pau Gasol twice Los Angeles Clippers forward and Lob City deputy mayor Blake Griffin has had an interesting season, playing for a team that's fully in the playoff picture but nevertheless seeing his popularity dip among NBA diehards because of perceived behavioral issues. Simply put, Griffin jaws at opponents and complains about calls a lot, to the point where he can come across as a bit of a jerk. Everybody's ... Lakers PF Pau Gasol Tweets About Blake Griffin Dunks Following the media uproar from Blake Griffin's highlight dunks over Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol last night, Gasol later tweeted he would rather win than make highlight plays, referencing Griffin's play. Lakers 113, Clippers 108: Blake Griffin Dunks On Pau Gasol Twice [VIDEO] Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin--no stranger to dunking--posterized another player yet again. This time, it was Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, who fell victim on Wednesday--twice. Blake Griffin Dunk Video: Watch Clippers Star Posterize Pau Gasol for 2nd Time Blake Griffin humiliated Pau Gasol with a posterizing dunk...twice in the same night. The Clippers' human highlight reel victimized Gasol with a duo of incredible dunks that has made everyone forget about Kendrick Perkins for the time being. Gasol has been ridiculed for being too soft and this will undoubtedly add to the notion that he can't stand his own on the defensive end. Truth be told, not ... Blake Griffin Dunks on Pau Gasol: Maybe We Do Care About Griffin Dunks After All So, about people not caring when Blake Griffin dunks. Yeah, I might have been a little off-base with that one. Last night, everyone cared. How could you not? With Blake crushing the soul and spirit of Paul Gasol, it was impossible not to notice. The worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) part of the entire debacle was the clip that showed Gasol on the ground, asking the cameraman if ... Blake Griffin Dunks Over Pau Gasol: Clippers Star Slams In Amazing Putback Against Lakers (VIDEO) Another game, another flurry of monster dunks by Blake Griffin. The supporting actor in Blake's latest highlight reel: Pau Gasol. Blake Griffin Dunk: A Breakdown of 2 Nasty Throwdowns on Pau Gasol Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin threw down two monstrous dunks last night on Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, but they weren't as impressive as might think. While Griffin's athleticism on both plays is just out of this world, I have a major beef on the second dunk because the Clippers star clearly fouled Gasol and it wasn't called.  Let's break down these two huge dunks and ...
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