Thursday, April 12, 2012

Talk with the Editor What about Ozzie's free speech rights Ozzie Guillen Suspended As Marlins Get They Paid For Chicago shares blame for situation A Cuban Restaurateur's Comprehension of Gullien's Mouth Coach ProCastro Comments Suspend Manager Joe Lemire trying to focus on field amid controversy From After Fidel Castro 5 Games Over His Baseball Roundup Leading Off Era Begins in Earnest speaks Steve Rushin mess is result culture seeking manufactured opinions players clubhouse may be insensitive but Petrino much worse faces bumpy road community | Video suspend five games over comments Marlins' apologizes flap — does everyone move

Ozzie Guillen's praise for Castro opens old wounds in new Miami For vocal contingent of Cuban-American community in Miami and beyond, Marlin manager's praise for Fidel Castro cuts deep Ozzie Guillen banned 5 games for Castro comments As Marlins manager returns to Fla. to apologize for saying he loves and respects Cuban dictator, pressure mounts to fire him Ozzie Guillen apologizes to Marlins for Castro comments Suspended Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen addressed his players in the clubhouse Wednesday, apologizing to the team for saying he admired Fidel Castro. Ozzie Guillen addresses Marlins after Castro comments Suspended manager apologizes for comments Ozzie Guillen Suspended for Fidel Castro Comments; Twitter Talks Back 1. @EdgeofSports Ozzie Guillen suspended 5 games The Miami Marlins manager, who inflamed South Florida's Cuban community when he was quoted in Time magazine saying 'I love Castro,' apologized repeatedly at a news conference Tuesday morning at Marlins Park. Cora: Guillen will make amends with community Guillen begins five-game suspension after apologizing for letting down team Joey Cora has filled in several times before when Ozzie Guillen got in trouble. Ozzie Guillen suspended five games by Marlins for Castro remarks The outspoken Miami manager received the club penalty Tuesday before speaking to reporters about his comments on Cuba's Fidel Castro. Opinion: Marlins wrong to suspend Guillen Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen apologizes for his comments about Fidel Castro. Ozzie Guillen Aside, Are The Marlins the Best-Run Team in Baseball? The Miami (aka Florida) Marlins are having a bad week. Their new stadium--with a preposterously spacious outfield that looks like the Great Plains, a bobblehead museum, a home run feature that could have been stolen from Sea World, and a fish tank backstop that has raised the ire of animal activists--has opened to mixed reviews.
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