Friday, April 13, 2012

Romney kicks off campaign in Wisconsin Ann Has Never Worked For a Paycheck Romney's Mommy War Becomes GOP Rallying Cry Record Time [Republicans] And 'Women's Work' Is This 2012 Or 1960 Robert DeNiro Says Joke Attacked By Newt Gingrich Was “Not Meant To Offend” Dumb and Obnoxious Democratic strategist apologizes to Majority Obama's Remarks Intimidate Court Dem on Were 'Poorly Chosen' Comment Marcus Privilege motherhood 4/14 Obama Tax Returns Show $790k Earnings Dig Against Ignites Twitter Today’s cartoons Democrat attacks Remark about work decried as uproar renews spotlight women voters Stayathome moms are worth $112 000 study says sticks up for working mom flap

Ann Romney: Unrepresentative Woman The GOP hopes Ann Romney will attract stay-at-home moms, but she's far too rich for it to happen. Ann Romney gets support from Barack Obama "It was the wrong thing to say," Obama told WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio. Criticism of candidates' spouses should be out of bounds, he added. Ann Romney defends being a stay-at-home mom It began with a Democratic pundit's comment late Wednesday on cable news that seemed to criticize Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, for choosing to stay home and raise their five sons rather than work. Ann Romney Has Never Worked - For a Paycheck Hilary Rosen should be apologizing for what she didn't say - not for what she did. Ann Romney Rocks NRA while the Obamas File Taxes, Our World News Report President Obama challenges GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney to release his tax returns: -Jake Tapper The Other War on Moms: No Nanny, No Maid at the Romney Home Ann Romney's very first tweet, in response to a dumb comment about stay-at-home moms, said, "I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work." Some were skeptical: Didn't this super-rich lady have a little help? A nanny, maybe a maid or two? Nope, Ben Romney, the couple's second-youngest son, wrote on Facebook, Politicker reports. "Growing up, we never had a nanny ... Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen flap: Must Team Obama always be first responder? President and Michelle Obama both did damage control after Hilary Rosen's off-key comment about Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms. What will happen the next time a Democratic pundit misspeaks in front of the cameras? Ann Romney and stay-at-home moms (7 letters) Re: "'Work' remark prompts uproar," April 13 news story. [Political consultant] Hilary Rosen is getting a bad rap for what she said. She was merely trying to show how out of touch Mrs. Romney was with the challenges that the average working class family face on a daily basis. It is just like when Mitt [...] Ann Romney says all parents deserve respect Ann Romney says parents never stop parenting or worrying about their children. She says mothers and fathers deserve respect whether they work outside the home or not. Ann Romney Defends Stay-at-Home Mom Status Backlash Over Hilary Rosen's Comments Continues to Flare
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