Monday, April 9, 2012

New Tool Measures Student Academic Growth Speaking when they care Papermill Exhibit Explores Artistic Side of Video Games The Score IPad Rules the Market Wildcats live up to great expectations with title Comment on Broncos likely finished signing free agents for now Scouting girls lacrosse Sunday night loaded epic TV shows Defensing Broncos' Peyton Manning like a video game no joystick Lucky students get field trips 'Hunger Games' Manningled Denver toast NFL Casting adds an evenmoretragic touch 'Great Expectations' Problems continue plague Des Moines charter school McDowell Dufner tied early lead at Bay Hill David Hunter Imagination is sometimes better than gifts Angels' Albert Pujols shrugs off predictions Magic Johnson's Group Buy Dodgers $2 Billion

Analysis: Q1 bank results face great expectations (Reuters) - Bank executives face great expectations from investors when they report first-quarter results beginning Friday. Bank stocks have shot up 24 percent this year, as measured by the KBW Banks index, in their steepest ascent in any quarter since the end of September 2009. Now investors want to know if they should stick with their bets that the economy will strengthen and lift bank lending ... 'Great Expectations' on PBS: Deliciously bitter 'Great Expectations," the quiet favorite of many a Charles Dickens fan, gets a fairly faithful and at times absorbingly bleak two-part "Masterpiece" treatment on PBS starting Sunday. Everything there is to love about the sprawling 1861 novel is intact — the dark themes of loss, abandonment, ma­nipu­la­tion, bitterness and, of course, the subject Dickens considered most foreboding: debt. Read ... Television Review | 'Great Expectations': Gillian Anderson in 'Great Expectations' on PBS The next Masterpiece Classic entry on PBS, "Great Expectations," is a BBC production starring Gillian Anderson, as Miss Havisham, and Ray Winstone, as Magwitch. 'Great Expectations' review: not so great RATING: (ALERT VIEWER) Great Expectations: A "Masterpiece Classic" presentation. Part 1 at 9 p.m. Sun. Part 2 next Sun. on PBS. Assembling an all-star cast for a new PBS adaptation of one of Charles Dickens' best-known... Mike Hughes: Gillian Anderson stars in PBS's 'Great Expectations' Gillian Anderson plays Miss Havisham in "Great Expectations." / Lorenzo Agius/PR NEWSWIRE "Masterpiece Classic" airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on PBS. Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations," April 1 and 8, and "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," April 15; then Sebastian Faulk's "Birdsong,"April 22 and 29. "Masterpiece Mystery" returns in May. Tech's great expectations: Why consumers are often neither shaken nor stirred Tech giants are fighting great expectations as consumers expect little less than repeats of revolutionary moments from Research In Motion's first two-way paging system to Apple's 2007 iPhone. BBC-produced 'Great Expectations': Beautiful, largely faithful "Great Expectations" has been adapted to the small screen by BBC Programmes and will air in two parts at 8 p.m.... Toronto Blue Jays set for sold-out home opener against Boston Red Sox TORONTO - Great expectations and a home opener that sold out in less than an hour will greet the Toronto Blue Jays in their return to Canada. 'Great Expectations': Gillian Anderson takes on Miss Havisham's 'journey of torture' She is more than a character; she is a symbol.To say the name Miss Havisham not only conjures up Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" but the living specter of grief itself.Gillian Anderson stars as the heartbroken Miss Havisham in PBS' "Masterpiece Classic" adaptation of "Great Expectations," airing in two parts on Sunday, April 1 and 8 (check local listings).Though Anderson has white hair ... Great expectations for Apple and its main suppliers STOCKTAKE:"APPLE fever is spreading like a wildfire around the world," said a Topeka analyst last week.
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