Friday, April 13, 2012

N. Korea create condundrum with Holland restaurant ‘Hunger Games’ Scores Huge $1.8M Opening In Australia; Big Lines For U.S. Midnights The Right to Secrecy ‘Titanic 3D’ Opens To Surprisingly Strong Matinees $20M$30M Expected By Easter North Rocket Launch Fails As US Condemns 'Provocative Act' IP Above All Else WIPO Defies UN Sanctions Give Computers On world stage Obama confronts nuclear threats shows no signs of delaying launch VIDEO fuels missile 'After My Election I'll Have More Flexibility' says it's fueling for rocket White House warns could cut off food aid Prepping Nuke Test prepares longrange Japan Reacts Missile Deployments Watchdog Group Cyber Censorship a Growing Concern Media Names 'Enemies the Internet' fueled liftoff is imminent We Won'

Why North Korea is again taking aim The regime deludes itself that it will outlast the South, and the US. North Korea's Unha-3 Rocket Launch Fails "Bright Shining Star" satellite burns brightly before falling into Yellow Sea North Korea's Friday the 13th satellite launch fails, embarassing rulers and redoubling propaganda Destruction of rocket, seen internationally as a potential weapon, mars national birthday party honoring 100th anniversary of country's founder North Korea's failed rocket launch draws shame, anger The rocket's destruction suggests the country has yet to master the technology needed to build long-range missiles that could threaten the United States. Analysis: North Korea crossroads Will the hawks or doves take wing in North Korea? North Korea launch draws anger as failure wounds pride North Korea's widely condemned rocket splintered into pieces over the Yellow Sea soon after takeoff Friday, an embarrassing end to a launch that Pyongyang had infused with national pride during a week of high-level political meetings and celebrations. North Korea's embarrassing rocket launch failure sparks multi-nation search for debris Japan, South Korea, U.S. scour seas for remnants of controversial North Korean rocket to gain insight into nation's capabilities The Diplomatic Breakdown Behind North Korea's Missile Test The new crisis dampens early hopes that Kim Jong Un would have a warmer relationship with the West. North Korea Long-Range Rocket Launch Fails: Reports This story was updated at 11:11 p.m. ET. US and allies slam N. Korea launch The US and its allies rushed to condemn North Korea's failed rocket launch Friday as a provocative act that threatens regional security, while Russia, China and India urged all parties to show restraint.
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