Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lamar Odom Mavericks part ways Mutual breakup Mavs agree relationship didn't work NBA Notebook | on 'We need to move on' A look at Odom’s downfall AP source done playing for Thunder able make Lakers collapse Final 102 93 finished in Dallas KHLOE KARDASHIAN LAMAR ODOM LEAVES DALLAS MAVERICKS Odom's Inactivation Prompted by Family Drama MAKES TIME FOR 'OBSESSED' WITH BLASTS 'SICK' MARRIAGE SPLIT REPORTS HAS 'ACTIVE' SEX LIFE Khloe Kardashian Back Los Angeles Saints Just As Suspended Last Week NFL You’re Still JockSpin.com In Defense of Metta World Peace Thinks Would Make a Great Ball Boy Leaves Season

Lamar Odom ending in Dallas after exchange with Mark Cuban DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had noticed Lamar Odom's uninspired play numerous times before, and... Odom ending in Dallas after exchange with Cuban DALLAS (AP) Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had noticed Lamar Odom's uninspired play numerous times before, and kept hoping things would change. More Sports Lamar Odom: Which team, if any, should give him a shot next year? Lamar Odom, sandwiched between Houston's Luis Scola and Chandler Parsons, did not have a successful stint with the Dallas Mavericks. Report: Mark Cuban, Lamar Odom had altercation before deactivation On Monday, the Dallas Mavericks took the unusual step of sending forward Lamar Odom packing for the season. No, no, no, no drama: Lamar Odom cut from Mavs for bad attitude Lamar Odom should have spent a little more time playing basketball and a little less time keeping up with the Kardashians. Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Odom deserves better from Mavericks Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Odom deserves better from Mavericks. Khloe Kardashian feels husband and NBA player Lamar Odom has been treated unfairly by the Dallas Mavericks. Mavericks' Odom, Cuban had halftime clash At halftime of his final game with the Mavericks Saturday, Lamar Odom had an angry exchange with owner Mark Cuban in the visitors' locker room in Memphis, which Cuban acknowledged was the breaking point that prompted the team and player to part ways. Lakers Rumors: Lamar Odom Set to Return to L.A. Next Season? With Lamar Odom being deactivated by the Dallas Mavericks it seems likely that he will be traded or released before next season. Will Odom return to LA? Lamar Odom will not play again for Dallas Mavericks The Dallas Mavericks and Lamar Odom are done with each other. Mark Medina has covered all sports, among the highlights including once following Tiger Woods for 18 holes, attending ... Whenever adversity flew in Lamar Odom 's face, he pushed it right back. Instead of drowning in sorrow about his deceased family members, Odom inscribed their name on his shoes before every game.
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