Thursday, August 2, 2012

U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team Leads at London Olympics! USA's Danell Leyva Wins Bronze in Individual AllAround Final! Bronx Gymnast Puts Rough Day Behind Him Phil Taylor Youth inexperience on display as men's gymnastics team flops Brian Cazeneuve With expectations higher than ever men qualify first Olympics Disappointment for mired 8th after rings gymnasts leap to the fore are qualifying Kohei Uchimura awes and John Orozco Fathers deserve medal parenting 'I Didn't Have My Dream Moment' how shrugged off Olympicsize insecurities The Bronx's Heading Home EmptyHanded Falters Finals Stellar Qualifying Performance American Takes First Place How Hard Can It Be

Orozco, Leyva show changing face of US gymnastics LONDON (AP) -- John Orozco knew from an early age he never quite fit in. Danell Leyva and John Orozco: Fathers deserve medal in parenting Danell Leyva and John Orozco have both received unwavering support from their fathers, who both set a standard for modern parents trying to connect with their kids through sport. Where's the gold medal for parenting? Men's gymnastics: how John Orozco shrugged off Olympic-size insecurities American gymnast John Orozco is the image of the Olympic ideal. Kind, cheerful, talented, and bound in so much pure muscle that he could punch a hole through the springboard, Orozco is a young man made to be on a Wheaties box. Leyva, Orozco, Douglas serving as role models for diverse US gymnastics team LONDON - John Orozco knew from an early age he never quite fit in. John Orozco Fails to Medal in 2012 Olympic Men's Gymnastics All-Around American male gymnast John Orozco failed to medal in the men's individual all-around at North Greenwich Arena in the 2012 London Olympics on Wednesday. Orozco finished eighth with a score of 89.331. Meanwhile, Japan's Kohei Uchimura took home gold with a score of 92.690. German Marcel Nguyen won silver, and Orozco's teammate, Danell Leyva, finished in bronze position, posting a score of 90.698 ... John Orozco: Is the Fighter Still an Inspirational Story? On a day where redemption seemed possible for John Orozco, it was fitting that his undoing came at the hands of arguably the most grueling apparatus in artistic gymnastics. Disaster struck again for the American on the pommel horse when he got stuck in preparation to dismount, saddling himself with a score of 12.566. From there, he had an insurmountable deficit as he sat in last place. After ... John Orozco: 'I Didn't Have My Dream Moment' in Men's All-Around The Bronx-born world champ still says he was grateful to have the opportunity to compete John Orozco: U.S. Gymnast Fails to Rebound from Monday's Disaster American gymnast John Orozco  has not lived up to the hype at the London Olympics. Instead, he's let the pressure implode him. During Monday's team gymnastics final, Orozco stumbled in the vault and pommel horse routines as the United States' podium hopes slipped away. The two hiccups left the U.S. in fifth place and the 19-year-old on the verge of tears. Orozco was rattled after the mistakes ... US Olympic Men's Gymnastics: John Orozco'S Blueprint to Rebound in All-Around John Orozco choked in the men's gymnastics team final. Watching him throughout the competition the look on his face was a combination of scared and perhaps tired, while his body language screamed defeat. There...the hard part it is said and out of the way. Now we can get on with the article with an eye to what comes next. While it is tough to tell what all was going on without the benefit of ... John Orozco supporters rally in Chappaqua despite team's Olympic performance Excited students as young as 3 years old tumbled over the equipment at World Cup Gymnastics in Chappaqua at 10:30 a.m. Monday, joining a group of about 50 peers, coaches and parents to watch Olympic gymnast John Orozco compete live.
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