Sunday, August 5, 2012

Indianapolis on verge of another Super Bowl bid 2012 organizers ready to back a new $152M payoff primes for Colts QB Andrew Luck debuts in week Just focus practice Former Gophers great NFL lineman John Williams dies Drew Brees agrees $100 million deal with Saints Madison firm gets job oversee construction Vikings stadium Longevity doesn't make longsnapper Justin Snow him legend For Rush personnel director its more than name game Gopher and Uproar over Colts' blackout threat stirs ticket sales Bears young WR trying the cut Matt Slater speak Orange tonight Training Camp Reggie Wayne reports duty style Cubs live longer Bears; both outlive fans actuary says | Report Browns sold $1 billion What CEOs Can Learn From Tim Tebow A Conversation With SAP CoCEO Bill McDermott Follow Army's Lead Helmet Sensors Attempt Prevent Head Injury Favre coaching at Mississippi high school Despite Rule Change More Blackouts Coming Buffalo

The Top 10 NFL Video Games of All Time Madden NFL 13 is coming out this month and I can't wait to get my hands on it. In lieu of the release of the new Madden, I thought this would be a good time to list the top 10 NFL video games of all time. NFL reportedly offers to cut Jonathan Vilma's ban to eight games Jonathan Vilma and the NFL reportedly are in discussions that could lead to the New Orleans Saints linebacker having his season-long suspension reduced to eight games, sources familiar with the discussions told ESPN. Report: NFL proposes reducing Vilma's suspension The NFL has offered to reduce Saints LB Jonathan Vilma's suspension from one year to eight games, according to an ESPN report.  NFL exec discusses improving in-game experience NFL executive vice president of business ventures and CFO Eric Grubman has been with the league since 2004 and has held his current titles since 2006. His job responsibilities are many, but he is one of the executives in charge of helping the league improve the in-game experience for fans at the 32 stadiums, a top mandate of commissioner Roger Goodell amid sinking attendance numbers. NFL, NFLPA file motions in federal court case Attorneys for the NFL and the NFL Players Association filed motions Friday as they continue to battle in federal court over the suspensions of four current and former Saints players for what the NFL says were illegal bounties against opposing players. NFL reactions to Garrett Reid's death on Twitter News that Andy Reid's eldest son, Garrett, had passed away Sunday at Philadelphia Eagles training camp at Lehigh University rattled the organization and many outside of it. NFL notes: Reid's son found dead Garrett Reid, 29-year-old son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, was found dead Sunday in a dorm room at the club's Lehigh University training camp, where he spends most of his summers with his father. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell visits Akron, looking for expedited sale of Browns NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Saturday in Akron that he hopes to have the Browns' sale to Jimmy Haslam III finalized in "a matter of weeks." What 3 Players from the Nebraska Cornhuskers Are in the NFL Hall of Fame? If someone came up to you and asked what 3 Nebraska Cornhusker players made it into the NFL Hall of Fame, could you get all 3 correct? 2 right? Maybe 1? The answers aren't nearly as easy as you may think. Thinking back over the storied history of the Huskers you would think that it would be simple to name one of them. Roger Craig would surely be one of them right? Nope, not yet anyway. Neil ... NFL's Mangold proud of sister's Olympic moment LONDON (AP) -- More than a dozen members of Holley Mangold's family watched her finish 10th in weightlifting at the London Olympics on Sunday. Perhaps none were as proud as her brother Nick, star center for the New York Jets.
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